Rippon Stone Circle - 4m



£375.00 per pack Ex. VAT


The natural and variegated colour of our RIPPON Indian Stone paving can vary from pale greys and browns right through to dramatic slate greys and purples, making it the perfect choice for situations where impact and dramatic colours are called for.

If you are incorporating the circle feature within Rippon paving, please be aware that the circle does not come with a squaring off kit and will have been quarried at a different time to the paving and a noticeable colour or shade difference is likely. An excellent and attractive solution is to border it with some setts or cobbles to highlight the feature, removing the shade change issue.

4m Diameter Circle (Centre +16 + 16 + 32 + 32)
£450.00 per pack Inc. VAT
£375.00 per pack Ex. VAT

The kit consists of 1 centre stone and 4 further rings to a diameter of 4m. Pieces per circle are 1 centre stone / 16 first ring segments / 16 second ring segments / 32 third ring segments / 32 forth ring segments.


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