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Getafe Nero Porcelain – 900x600x20mm


Getafe Nero Porcelain resembles a natural stone with slight variations in colour and pattern, making each piece unique. This is something that makes a natural stone interesting and unique.

Porcelain paving is also known as Vitrified paving and we are delighted to offer a range to suit every project.

Getafe Nero Porcelain paving is tough external grade paving suitable for every climate, Not only that, it is resistant to salts, chemicals, algae, mould & moss. And, it is scratch resistant, anti-slip and fireproof.

Because it is non-porous, it is also stain resistant and does not need sealing like most other paving. What’s more, this is an ECO Sustainable product.

Perfect for “inside to out” projects, Getafe Nero porcelain paving can be laid on flat roofs, balconies, patios, paths, steps, swimming pools and driveways.

Our high standards of product quality keep consistent colour from batch to batch and a precise thickness of 20mm.

Being much lighter than traditional paving slabs, our Porcelain paving is easy and quick to install. This paving is very strong and long lasting, and strong enough to bear heavy loads. The use of specialist load bearing feet means it can even be used on uneven surfaces.

Premium grade Getafe Nero Porcelain are polished porcelain slabs available in a non-slip antiqued finish. This product can be considered the best in terms of consistency concerning finishing and size. The direct factory products suitably fit your needs at a much pocket-friendly rate.

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