Terms and Conditions

and terms of service


Goods are delivered on the understanding that they will be off-loaded directly to the side of the lorry. If the customer directs the lorry off the public highway, then the customer will become solely responsible for any resulting damage to the property or vehicle.

The Driver will make the final decision considering the request of the customer, the legal and the insurance regulations.



Refund policy

Once a product has been purchased and has been taken away or delivered, Country Garden Patio Centre Ltd will UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES offer a full refund for any unwanted or over ordered products.

Country Garden Patio Centre Ltd accept no responsibility for incorrectly estimated quantities based upon the measurements provided by the Customer.

Any product which is found to be damaged once delivered will be exchanged on a like for like basis. The damaged item must be returned in full along with the original receipt within 14 days.

Products cancelled prior to collection or dispatch which have yet to leave Country Garden Patio Centre Ltd depot, will be subject to a 10% admin charge.

It is the Customers responsibility to assess the quality of collected products which have been purchased before leaving the depot as exchanges cannot be made afterwards.

Bulk-bagged sand, aggregates and any other bulk-bagged products cannot be exchanged or refunded.

We have the right to refuse refunds or exchanges. Refunds can only be offered within 14 days from the invoice date.



Your Rights to Cancel When Buying Off or On the Premises


If buying off the premises under the Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulation 2000 you have the right to cancel. Your right to cancel will expire after fourteen (14) days, starting the day you receive the goods. If you wish to exercise these cancelation rights please contact us.


If you cancel your order, you will be responsible for the cost of returning/collecting the goods. This excludes ALL bulk bag products which CAN NOT be returned. All other products will be subject to a 20% handling charge. We will be entitled to deduct the costs of removing the items from the amount to be credited to you.



Colour and shade variation can occur in natural and concrete paving slabs. Variation between batches can occur and it is recommended that before laying commences, slabs are drawn from the packs and mixed to suit.

Colours can change and weather over time, the way in which this happens is dependent upon the surrounding conditions. Strong sunlight, shade and naturally occurring variation in the aggregates used can all alter this. This is not detrimental to the use of the slabs in any way and will generally enhance the appearance as it creates a natural finish.

As with natural stone, small brown patches may appear. This is due to iron oxidation occurring, again this is not detrimental to the slabs and these marks will weather down in time.

All our decorative gravels are from quarries throughout the UK, we make every effort to display a true representation of the product colour, but please note there may be variations in colour.



All sizes stated are nominal and may be subject to change. Slight variations in thickness may occur and Country Garden Patio Centre Ltd therefore recommends that slabs are always laid on a full mortar bed. Small fissures may occur on larger individual concrete slabs as a result of shrinkage. This does not necessarily affect the long-term performance of the product.



On occasion you may notice white patches appearing on your patio, this is known as efflorescence. The condition may occur in natural and concrete products usually due to salts and minerals in the stone. This will disappear in time.
Please note that should there be any defects other than the above mentioned naturally occurring ones, Country Garden Patio Centre Ltd should be notified before the paving slabs have been laid. Once the paving slabs have been laid, Country Garden Patio Centre Ltd cannot accept responsibility for any defects of the above-mentioned conditions.


Paving Cleaning

We do not recommend the over use of a jet pressure washer. Washing your patio with a brush should be adequate but should you wish to use a cleaning product, use only ones that are recommended for the patio and follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Do not use de-icing salts on your patio, this can affect the surface appearance!

Paving Sealing

Sandstone is very porous and will stain if wine, barbeque fats, etc. are spilt on it. However, it is not recommended that the paving is sealed immediately after laying. This is to allow time for the salts and minerals to come out of the paving.



Liability in respect of any statement, condition warranties and representations made on behalf of Country Garden Patio Centre Ltd is limited in accordance with the terms set out in the standard terms of sale. Whilst every effort is made to give sound advice, Country Garden Patio Centre Ltd cannot accept responsibility or liability in respect of products being used for any purposes other than for those for which they were intended.


Due to continuous development, products may be subject to change without notice. Customers should check that information is up to date.